The life of Saint George 

Life of St George was a warrior of Cappadocian Greek foundation. He was the son of a rich and high ranked Cappadocian family.  He was sentenced to death for denying to abandon his Christian faith. Saint George’s Day is celebrated on 23rd April. Many organizations, cities, universities and professions claim George to be their patron. He was a Roman officer. There are two main versions of the legend Saint George; Greek and a Latin version.

Greek Version:

In Greek tradition, George was born to Greek Christian parents, in Cappadocia. His father died when George was fourteen and his mother returned to Syria with him. After his mother’s death, George joined the Roman Army. George’s torment is placed in the Diocletian persecution of AD 303.

Latin Version:

In Latin, Diocletian becomes Dacian. Meanwhile, 40900 pagans were converted to Christianity, including the empress Alexandra. When George died, the wicked Dacian was carried away in a whirlwind of fire.

The military life of St George:

George started with a military career at the age of eighteen. He pleased his bosses and was rapidly advanced to the rank of tribune within the imperial guard. Returning to Cappadocia after a victorious campaign and passing through the locale of Attalia in Pamphylia, he freed the king’s girl, who had been cleared out at the kindness of an unsafe mythical beast, and slaughtered the monster with a divine quality that he was given by his confidence. Marvelling at this show of the quality given by Christ to His loyal ones against the strengths of evil, the neighborhood pagans were all converted to Christianity.

Rapid transfer to Christianity:

Not a couple of those who had come to accept in Christ as a result of Saint George’s supernatural occurrences found the implies to visit him in prison, in arrange to be teaching within the truths of the Gospel or to get the healing of their ills. The Saint had sympathy on the sufferings of each of them, and indeed reestablished to life a bull having a place to a laborer called Glycerius, who was at that point arrested and executed without any sort of trial.

Martyred of St George:

Saint George’s head was decapitated. A witness of his suffering persuaded Ruler Alexandra of Rome to ended up a Christian as well. She joined George in suffering. His body was returned to Lydda for burial, where Christians soon came to respect him as a martyr.

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