Life of Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon was respected in both the Eastern and Western Christian conventions. Spyridon was born in Askeia, in Cyprus. He married and had one girl, Irene. Upon the death of his spouse, Spyridon entered a religious community, and their daughter, a religious circle. Spyridon, a humble shepherd, was a basic, private, man, and, being committed to God from a youthful age. God rewarded him with the powers of healing and the ability to cast out evil spirits.

Struggles by Spyridon:

He worked as a shepherd and was known for his incredible devotion. Spyridon eventually became Minister of Trimythous, in the locale of Larnaca. He took part in the First Ecumenical Chamber of Nicaea (325), where he was instrumental in countering the religious contentions of Arius and his followers. He reportedly converted a pagan philosopher to Christianity by employing a potsherd to demonstrate how one single substance can be composed of three special substances (fire, water and clay); a representation for the Christian teaching of the Trinity.

Plague of Corfu 1629:

It’s said that when the dreaded plague hit Corfu in 1629, starting from the villages, and quickly heading towards the town. In 1553 Corfu suffered a terrible famine; everyone thought this is the end. They thought that they will die due to starvation. The corfiots assembled together at the church of Saint Spyridon and prayed to him for salvation. Another form of this miracle has Saint Spyridon whipping up a storm at the ocean. Which strengths a passing ship, with a cargo of wheat, on route to somewhere else, to discover security at the port of Corfu. Many of the wiped out had dreams of Saint Spyridon mending them. For three evenings unusual lights were seen within the bell tower of Saint Spyridon Church. by Palm Sunday the plague had vanished.

Irene arises from her grave:

Saint Spyridon took the lady to Irene’s grave, and, talking to her as in case she were still lively, asked his girl where she had put the woman’s resources. Irene rose up from her grave, informed the lady of where the valuables were, and instantly returned to her grave and continued her sleep.

Death of Saint George:

Saint Spyridon passed on in Trymithous, where he was buried, in 348 A.D. But when the Saracens attacked Cyprus in 648 A.D. Body was exhumed and taken to Constantinople, Byzantium for burial.



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