God gave us a world that provides everything we need to survive and thrive. But, too many of us have been squandering its resources and making the world less livable for future generations.

We can turn things around, but everyone needs to play their part. Here are some of the many ways, big or small, that you can be a shepherd of the Earth.

Use less energy

Most of our energy still comes from sources that pollute the planet. You can lessen the impact by using less energy. Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs, turn off lights and appliances when you go to bed, dry clothes outside; there are so many ways to reduce energy consumption. Here are some more ideas to use less energy.

Go for a shower over a bath

Baths use twice as much water as showers — which means you’re also paying twice as much to heat that water! Showers are quick and economical, and can save so much precious water.

Plant some trees

Trees clean the air, provide shade, and beautify your property. Plant some trees with your family and friends. You’ll get some quality time while saving the planet and making your property worth more if you choose to sell it. Win-win-win!

Eat less meat

“Less” being the key word. It takes more water and minerals to produce animal products than plant ones, and plant-based foods are more densely packed with nutrients. Some people can eat entirely meat-free diets, but having just a few vegetarian meals a week can save a lot of forests from becoming grazing land. Check out these delicious recipes for some great meatless meals.

What other ways do you show your love for the world in your daily life? Comment to let us know.

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